Want to use our campaigns?

 Thank you for the interest in our campaigns – it is amazing to see our message reaching so many places worldwide. The SAVE committee is committed to sharing our campaigns and we encourage you to use the posters to assist with awareness efforts in your community.

​To see each campaign and decide which you would like to use, click on the buttons to the right. Once you have decided, please read through the terms of use below and complete our application form.

Terms of Use

Using our campaigns, we ask you to:

×           Give credit to the SAVE committee as the campaign’s original developer

×           Retain the integrity of the poster and not alter them in any way

×           Not add additional logos or alter the SAVE logo

×           If you wish to add local contact information, please do so by adding a sticker in the right or left corner.

We are also tracking how our campaign is spreading through this simple form below. It helps with funding and our ability to continue to do this great work. By filling out this form and clicking “I agree”, you accept these terms of use.