Don’t Be That Guy was launched on November 22, 2010. To download higher resolution posters than the ones you can preview below, please visit our Downloads page. These posters are also available in French – email us at info [at] to request a copy.

Black poster with white text reading "Just because she's drunk, doesn't mean she wants to f**k. Don't be that guy."

Photo of light-skinned female presenting person lying facedown on a couch, with several alcohol bottles nearby. Text reads: Just because she isn't saying no... Doesn't mean she's saying yes"

Photo of a person in a blue suit helping a person in a pink dress into a car on a curb. Text reads: Just because you help her home... doesn't mean you get to help yourself."

SAVE wishes to extend our gratitude and acknowledge the work of previous partner organizations and community members who contributed to the development of the “Don’t Be That Guy” campaigns, including but not limited to: