Create Change

The flip side of the call to Defund the Police is the imperative to invest in community. This means directing resources like time, effort, and money towards community-based initiatives that build stronger communities – things like housing for all, access to healthy food and clean drinking water, harm reduction strategies, mental health supports, restorative justice, and more. By (re)investing in the well-being of our communities, we can target the root causes of many issues rather than using the police as a solution for every problem. This ever-growing list of groups, organizations, and initiatives are just some of the ways that you can become involved in the fight to end the harm and violence many experience and create safer and more equitable communities.

Here we’ve put together some ideas for ways you can get involved in Edmonton. If you or an organization you work with have an idea to add to our list, contact us at

We also have a list of reading and self-education resources on our Abolition Resources page!